Patent Translation: Making Tough Procedures Easy


 You may think that patent translation is more difficult than other general legal translations due to its procedures, but what you didn’t know is that, it is more reliable because of its accuracy.  Let us check if how hard patent translation really is.

 One of the main factors that makes a patent rules difficult is because it is different from one country to another.  One thing that you can expect from the safety that the patent protections offer to our product is that, it will not affect other countries.  This kind of point of view must be taken seriously. Of course we all wanted that our product must have protection when they are delivered at the international market, also, we wanted to violate a company’s protection that is similar to us, especially when our products start to put up to sale in their country.

 This precision is necessary when you’re looking to avoid lawsuits but it’s especially important if you find yourself being sued by an overseas country.  Because of the speculative legal action, we get tensed, hence, we see to it that we have a good patent translator, what we didn’t know is that the one that gives influence to the issue is the judicial procedures.  It is important that the translator is accurate enough, because even a single mistake can result to a tragic financial outcome.

 The wants of the clients usually differs from one another, thus, the kind of patents translation service that the patent translation can offer also differs.  There are times that patent translation are used only for legal actions, or during inspection of an foregoing craft.  In that case, the patent translation will be a more literal translation and the main aim is to get the key information across.  If you want a translation for intramural motions, then, this kind of translation is acceptable. Aside from it is acceptable; you may also find it cheaper than the patent’s full translation.

 Resident translators are the ones who carry out translations for filing. The translated patent will also be proofread by another expert translator. These translators have working knowledge of intellection property regulations to ensure that the MultiLing translations is also legally sound.  The translated patent application will be reviewed by a resident patent lawyer to make sure that it is accurate before filing it to the patent office.  One thing to expect from all these procedures is that the increase in price of the patent translation since the procedures are now highly protected.

Furthermore, make sure that you allow substantial time for the translation process.  Time consideration is a must, knowing that the rule of thumb is only 2,000 words per day and we also have to consider the evaluation and assessment of the translated patent.

Patent translation is a complicated process, which is why it’s so important that you hire the best translator possible. Know more about translation at


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